Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chiropractic Solution in Charlotte North Carolina

Chiropractic Solution in Charlotte North Carolina

Solutions, especially pain solutions, should not be one size fits all.  Too often people deal with pain or seek pain remedies from that stem from accidents, work place, or sports related injuries from unqualified sources.  Fact is this, pain solutions come from health and wellness solutions, Tebby Chiropractic is that single source solution for a Chiropractor in Charlotte North Carolina.

Treatment is not "one size" fits all.  Treatment for pinched nerves, slipped disc, lower back, hip pain, neck pain, should be customized to you.  Treatment comes in the form of office visits, where a qualified chiropractor can put together a system and a plan to ensure your health wellness.  To take your treatment beyond the office, into your home and workplace to ensure the comfort and pain free living you deserve.

When involved in an accident, workplace, automobile, or sports related incident, do not immediately turn to medicine.  Often when we experience pain, it is the belief of medical professionals to simple prescribe pain medication.  Although this will mask the feeling of pain you have, it simply will not solve the problem.  Masking pain may give moments of instant gratification, however it can make a problem far more severe than what it needs to be.  A licensed and experienced Chiropractor can assess pain and injury on a non-evasive level.  Make the proper recommendation if it cannot be controlled through proper treatment.  These injuries and pains should be diagnosed and dealt with by Tebby Clinic for your wellness.

If you are already experiencing pain, never let cost stand in the way of care.  Patients, many of them do not realize that Chiropractic services are covered under the vast majority of health plans and insurances.  At Tebby, we are a preferred provider by most insurance companies.  Do not assume.  Our staff at Tebby Clinic are the most knowledgeable in the industry on insurance, and the proper third party will be billed.

The Tebby Clinic is the leader in pain management, health, wellness, and chiropractic solutions in North Carolina for a reason.  You control your body, you control your solutions.  Do not let another day pass living in pain.  There are options, there are solutions.  Even if you have tried Chiropractic services in the past, Tebby Clinic is the leader in innovation, technology, and solutions even for the most severe of needs.  Our "No Wait" policy will ensure the moment you arrive, you will be instantly treated by a professional.  Today, go to www.tebbyclinic.comYour solution in Charlotte North Carolina pain management awaits.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why Tebby Clinic Is The First Choice For Care After An Automobile Accident

Watch this short video to see why Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic is your best choice after your have been involved in an automobile accident.  For an appointment call 704-541-7111. www.tebbyclinic.com

Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic - What To Do In Case Of An Automobile Accident