Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why Chiropractic is the Gold Standard Choice!

Neck and back pain, as a result of whiplash is a serious condition that needs immediate and professional treatment.  However, making a choice in care is a difficult one.  At times of injury we are seeking relief, however, the determination you make in care will make all the difference in recovery.  Let's look at exactly what whiplash is:

Whiplash, which is a non-medical term for a condition that occurs when the head and neck move rapidly forward and then backward or, sideways.  This is a sudden force, a jolt, that will result in the normal range of motion being exceeded.  People usually equate whiplash to a car accident injury, but many impacts can result in whiplash.  Such as:

-  Slip and fall on ice.

-  Falling at home or on the job.

-  Being assaulted.

FACT, whiplash not only injures the soft tissue in the neck, it really can result in a mild traumatic brain injury!  When you are dealing with the brain, the symptoms are vague and often time inconclusive.  However when experiencing whiplash, back and neck pain, signs of trauma can be the following:

-  Feeling fuzzy.  Difficulty in concentrating on something.

-  Memory issues.

-  Feeling of fatigue.

-  Difficult in processing information.

-  Difficulties in walking, balance, and general coordination.


Often times, people with neck and back pain as a result of an accident injury, ignore other serious symptoms and focus on the common issues of whiplash.  In dealing with the issues above, that is why it is so critical in choosing the proper care.  Both in treatment, proper diagnosis, and curing through time the back and neck pain.

Diagnosis is based on the situation.  You will have a physical exam, x-ray, and possibly a MRI.  Chiropractic treatment will consist of rest, heat, exercise, pain management, massage, mobilization, manipulation, muscle release methods and strategies, and education.  The KEY is prompt return to normal activity.  Work is important, as an example, to avoid negative spiral into long term disability issues!

Often in traditional medical care, your doctor will insist upon pain management through the use of narcotics, drug related approaches.  There may be a time to consider these procedures, it is through the natural working and proper mobility and manipulation of the body and muscles to ensure proper healing.

Fact, there is evidence based research all over North America, Global that the chiropractic method is the most effective treatment of back and neck pain as a result of an accident injury.  That traditional medical approach is about pain management, IE. masking pain, which in the long run can do more harm than good for the patient.

Education is the key.  If you experience symptoms listed above or have been in a physical trauma type of situation, in Charlotte North Carolina, there is expertise.  Committed, guided, and proven chiropractic solutions to the problem.  During traumatic attempts the body needs to be guided.  Back and neck pain can become chronic and significant.  Untreated, can cause long term issues, beyond the initial pain.  The time to deal with neck and back pain is when it happens.  Get choices, get educated, get results.

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