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The Best Chiropractor Charlotte NC

Best Chiropractors in Charlotte NC

Are you suffering from whiplash as a result of an auto accident? If so, you should consult one of the best Charlotte NC chiropractic clinics . Chiropractic care is considered to be one of the most effective treatment methods for whiplash, especially when paired with massage therapy and physical therapy modalities. The condition can impact every aspect of your life. In fact, it can dramatically decrease the quality of your life over time. That is why you should take immediate action to treat the condition. A reputable and experienced chiropractor in Charlotte NC is the best bet for such a condition. This article provides information on why you should choose one of the best chiropractic centers in Charlotte NC to treat your whiplash condition. auto accident chiropractor Charlotte NC

Whiplash is an injury that is typically causes neck pain and lower back pain. The condition occurs when the neck and head of the patient are unexpectedly and quickly thrown in one direction and then thrust back in the opposite direction. This type of trauma can also lead to radiating pain (creating shoulder pain) requiring advanced chiropractic care for pain relief.  Most of the time, this happens in an auto accident and an auto accident injury chiropractor is generally the best choice health and wellness. But there are many other instances which can result in whiplash such as sports injuries. The damage that is caused due to whiplash is known as a vertebral subluxation and for accident recovery chiropractic offices will provide treatments plans. There are many symptoms of whiplash accident injuries such as pain and discomfort in the neck area, shoulder pain, elbow pain and back pain, poor sleep, weak muscles, and emotional stress. A qualified and experienced chiropractor can diagnose and treat the condition quite effectively in their rehab center.

best chiropractor Charlotte NC treating radiating pain from pinced nerves in the neck or back from car accidents and sports injuries.The injury that results from whiplash may be initially confined to the neck and spine areas. It may later create radiating pain in to the arms, head, hips, shoulders, and legs of the affected person. He or she may also experience frequent headaches, difficulty in walking, and a numbness in the hands including carpal tunnel issues. The pain can express itself from stiffness and soreness to sharp and stabbing at times. The injury can create pinched nerves in the area and cause dizziness, blurred vision, ear ringing, and low back pains at times. That is why it is important that you to consult a qualified queen city chiropractor in Charlotte NC without delay.

A proactive chiropractic and rehab center  in Charlotte North Carolina will use different techniques (including therapeutics massage) to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with whiplash.

. Chiropractic adjustments are the main technique used by the professional. He or she will perform gentle spinal manipulations to move the joints into alignment in their chiropractic health center. It will help relieve pain and encourage the healing process.

. McKenzie exercises will help with the disc derangement caused by whiplash and strengthen injured muscles in our wellness center.

. Muscle stimulation and relaxation help stretch the muscles that have been affected. This will relieve the tension and help the muscles to relax and promote natural healing. auto accident Charlotte NC

Every whiplash case is different requiring knowledge and professionalism. That is why an accident recovery center such as Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic should be your first choice for care offering advanced chiropractic care in the Ballantyne, Pineville and south Charlotte North Carolina area. In our Charlotte health center will evaluate your condition and decide on the most appropriate treatment for accident recovery. Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic accepts almost all of the insurance policies. In fact,  we will bill the responsible party. The clinic is highly acclaimed in the community as one of the best Charlotte chiropractic centers in Charlotte NC with top chiropractors. Call 704-541-7111 to request appointment, so schedule your evaluation today. We are happy to send you patient forms which can be filled out at your leisure prior to your appointment with our Charlotte chiropractors.



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